Kure (呉) - Imperial Japan's Naval Past

On February 19, 2011, I visited Kure, Japan (呉) as part of a travel survey I was paid to do by a consulting company. Because the local government wanted to increase the number of foreign tourists visiting the area, they hired a consulting company to look at and to asess the tourism facilities, mainly the transport facilities. As a result, the consulting company contacted our university and asked a couple of foreign students from a couple of different countries to take part in a survey of the transport facilities around Kure.

Basically I was paid to follow a set travel route and to take pictures and note down any difficulties in using the transport system to get to the tourist spots.

Kure is about 31 minutes by train southeast of Hiroshima and is famous for its naval past in Imperial Japan.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force Kure Museum with the giant submarine in the entrance.