London: Tower of London, Tower Bridge

The following are pictures I had taken when I went to London during the Remembrance Day holiday weekend while I was still a Canadian salaryman. Taking a holiday during the Remembrance Day holiday = taking 4 vacation days while getting 10 holiday days back in return.

I started posting pictures from my 2009 London trip before I got interrupted by going to the internship in Tokyo so this post continues from the previous two that I did.

London: Remembrance Day Parade

Visiting Windsor Castle

The pictures are all from Nov. 10, 2009 when I went to visit the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Unfortunately as with all paid attractions in the United Kingdom you are not allowed to take any pictures inside the buildings. As with everything in the U.K., everything is bloody expensive, the admission tickets per person were about £20 ~ $32 CDN.

The Tower of London, from the outside, you can see that the moat was filled in long ago and replaced with grass.