Seoul Day 4: Namdaemun Market

This was our last day in Seoul (on May 5, 08). We stopped over for 4 days en route to our final destination of Singapore. Our flight to Singapore was at 7 pm on that day so we had the entire morning and afternoon to finish our sightseeing.

We had visited most of the usual tourist attractions with the exception of the Namdaemun area so we went there on our final day in Seoul.

Some pictures of the Myeongdong area from our hotel. We stayed at the Ibis Myeongdong hotel. We picked that hotel because it was highly rated on the travel website. It had a pretty reasonable price of $100 per night and was located in a very good location. The only bad thing about it was that the air conditioning was centrally controlled and for one day in our 4 day stopover, it got really hot and we had to ask them to bring in portable air conditioners because they wouldn't lower the temperature of the central air conditioner.

Some pictures of the Myeongdong area from the hotel lobby. The way the hotel was set up was pretty weird. The lobby was on floor above the rooms.