Singapore Day 1: Financial/Colonial District, Boat Quay

Happy New Year (although most people seem to already have written off 2009 for 2010...)

Continuing from the Seoul series of posts, on May 6, 08 we arrived in Singapore from Seoul.

This was my second time visiting Singapore. I first visited Singapore way back in 1995 when our family stayed for 1 month in the hot humid month of August.

Because we were staying at my cousin's place, we had to wake them up at 3 am in the morning to let us into their apartment.

After a short rest we woke up and took the train (or as they call it in Singapore, the MRT, Mass Rapid Transit) to the airport to buy the Singapore Tourist Pass which is a set price unlimited travel transit smart card for tourist use. We had to go to the airport because that was the closest MRT station near my cousin's apartment which sold the pass (my cousin lives every close to the airport, maybe 15 minutes away by taxi).

Arrival at the airport again to buy the transit pass.