Nanyang Trip: Departure from YVR International Terminal "West Chevron" Wing

On May 1, 08 my family and I departed from Vancouver on a 3 week trip to Nanyang (Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei).

This is the first day of the trip, the departure from Vancouver International Airport to Singapore via. a 3 day stopover in Seoul, Korea on Singapore Airlines.

Coming to the airport 3 hours before departure time allows a lot of time for wandering around at the airport.

All the ticket stubs from the planes we boarded during our 3 week trip.


The following are pictures from the International Terminal Building at Vancouver International Airport (more commonly known by its aviation abbreviation "YVR") and the newly opened (July 2007) "West Chevron" wing for international departures that only passengers can enter.

The Canada Line trains in testing (due to open in 2009) providing direct access to Richmond and Downtown Vancouver via rail transit.