Aug. 8, 06: Kunming, Stone Forest, Lijiang

Because of getting a job related to my field after so long search, there is a massive update of my blog.

Kunming in Yunnan Province relative to the rest of China and more well known cities:

Kunming, Lijiang, and Stone Forest relative to each other on the map:

Kunming normal city street:

Trip to Victoria, BC, last Labour Day Weekend (Sept. 2-4, 06)

These are some pictures from when I went to Victoria, BC (the provincial capital of the Province of British Columbia) with my cousins but was too lazy to post until now.

Map of the "Lower Mainland" of British Columbia, Victoria is about an hour ferry ride from Vancouver.

There isn't that much to see in Victoria, a day trip would be enough, but we stayed overnight...a big mistake because there was not much to do after seeing the couple of attractions.

The entrance to the Parliament Buildings, people are queuing up for the free tour.

Pictures from My Alma Mater (UBC)

From the Rose Garden at the Northern End of the campus:

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Countdown Clock

Here are some pictures of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics countdown clock that I took in February but was too lazy to do anything until now.

Interesting fact: Because there are so many hoodlums (aka. crazy special interest groups, "anti-poverty group") here that oppose the games, this is the only Olympic countdown clock that requires a security guard to be present 24 hours a day. Despite that, it was still vandalized a couple of weeks ago...

The clock is located in a square in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, which was once a former courthouse.