Central Japan International Airport (Nagoya)

The airport which serves Nagoya and the central Japan region is completely built on an artificial island. It is the 2nd airport built on an artificial island. The first one being in Osaka (slowly sinking, don't think this one is though).

It was built for the 2005 Expo at Aichi Prefecture.

Below is a map of its location.

Tokyo Walking Pictorial: Imperial Palace, Hibiya, Government Areas

I started the walk from Tokyo Station and walked along the moat of the Imperial Palace towards the National Diet Building (Parliament), and ended in front of the Prime Minister's Residence.

Inside the Tokyo International Forum. This building is one of the rare non-blocky buildings in Tokyo.

Vancouver Chinatown: A Pictorial Walking Tour

Today was the "Chinatown Festival" so I decided to check it out. There was a walking tour run by volunteers which cost $5 per person and the most interesting thing is that they bring you inside to see the Chinese Associations.

All pictures can be view at full resolution, click and enjoy!

There are 3 parts to this post.

Part 1: Chinese Canadian Military Museum

Part 2: Inside the Chinese Benevolent Association

Part 3: The Streets of Chinatown

Here is the Google Map showing the places I visited:

Direct Link to the Google Map for full size viewing

Part 1: The Chinese Canadian Military Museum

It is located on the 2nd floor of the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum building, and almost not advertised outside at all. Its VERY small, only ONE room. I don't even think a lot of locals know that it exists. The museum commemorates the Chinese people who volunteered to fight for Canada in World War II despite the fact that they were denied citizenship by the Canadian government.

Link to Official Museum Site