US East Coast Day 1: Vancouver-Dallas/Ft. Worth-New York

On Jan. 12, 08 I started my week long trip to New York, Philadelphia and Washington D.C.

Usually a flight from Vancouver to New York direct would be about 5 hours, but since I redeemed my flight from Japan Airlines mileage bank, I had to fly with American Airlines (their alliance partner).

Since American Airlines no longer has any direct flights from Vancouver to anywhere else but Dallas, I had to fly to Dallas to change flights. They used to fly direct to New York, Boston, Dallas, Miami, Washington D.C. if memory serves me right when they had a partnership with the now defunct Canadian Airlines.

Arriving at Dallas, the airport is so big that you have to board a train to change terminals to get to your next gate:


Kagoshima Airport, Kyushu Japan

Happy (Belated) New Year!

It seems that after launching this blog way back in Dec. 2005 back as a student exchange student, I finally get page loads each day. Thank goodness for that post on fixing the Compaq V2030US laptop!

Here are some more new "old" pictures of provincial domestic Japanese airports.

I used this airport from my trip to Kagoshima