The 2006 New Years Sale

(Updated: June 14, 2013 with high resolution photos)

Today I went to Akihabara to see if there are any good bargains to be found. I heard that on New Years day, stores sell lucky bags (福袋) which are sold as a set price but you don’t know the contents inside, so it would be like a surprise. I walked around and didn’t find much interesting until I saw the DVD for Howl’s Moving Castle (Studio Ghibli animation movie) being sold for 2006 yen, that it almost half price from the normal price of 4700 yen. Afterwards I went to Yodobashi Camera to see if there was anything cheap to buy. I ended up buying a home appliance “lucky box” for 10,000 yen about $100 CDN. It was very heavy bringing back to the dorm. I was thinking of getting a hot water heater because its so cold in the dorm room, its like a garage because there is no insulation so I can get something hot to drink without having to boil water every time.

Outside Yodobashi Camera, taken with cell phone.


Inside the box was a Tiger hot water heater which I checked to be selling for 8100 yen at Yodobashi Camera, also Hitachi hair dryer, Tiger yogurt maker, T-FAL Steam Press, Hair Cutter, Mitsubishi water filter pitcher, stainless steel bottle, cup, and fried rice ball maker.

Original Prices that I could find:

Tiger Water Heater = 8100 yen
Hitachi Hair Dryer = 6300 yen


"The Dream of Home Electronics"







Anonymous said...

man must be hard w/ not much heatin and hot water. good thing u have the thermos now.


Nobu said...

There isn't hot water in the dorm? What about the shower? Only COLD water? O_O

Anyway, that looked like a bunch of nice useful stuff you got there. They actually start the sales on January 1st down there, though? Nothing is open until the 2nd up here in Norway.

adrienne said...

good deals.
u have a lot of time on your hands to go back and recheck all the prices, lol.

pearl came yesterday, we went to eat at banna leaf and then we walked a bit on robson.

adrienne said...

you bought all that home (the stuff in the second picture)? man, that looks like a lot of things

Anonymous said...

looks like someone went on a shopping spree, lol

wow, all those appliances in the second picture actually fit into that little box in the third picture? wow, they sure know how to stuff it!