Inside the Seikan Tunnel (Longest Tunnel in the World) - Feb. 25, 06

The tour took approximately 2.5 hours

The train left Hakodate at 8:48am and I arrived back in Hakodate at 12:04pm.

The train to Aomori, from Hakodate, only on special runs, does it stop inside the tunnel.

The mountain is where Hakodate is, the train goes around the bay:

Location of the Seikan Tunnel:

Inside the Seikan Tunnel:

There were lots of pictures and commemorative plaques inside:

One of the underground "stations", there are two.

The actual tunnel. Two times, two cargo trains passed thru here.

Where the people are standing, is where the train stopped for us to get out and to enter the tunnel "station"

The path from the main train tunnel to the service tunnels:


Its was very humid inside, felt very wet:

Theres a Doeraemon attraction which is only open during certain times of the year, hence all the Doeraemon stuff, but it was not open when I went.

Japan efficiency:



Anonymous said...

I like the people who are hired to just stand around and do nothing. It appears that a lot of places in Japan so far have people like that. Yet Japan is still able to make the best cars, the coolest robots, the longest tunnels, etc. Makes you wonder what else they could do if they were more efficient.

- CV

Anonymous said...

How about smiling more in your pictures? hehe. Quite surprsing to see a shrine in the tunnel! Is it to honour the ppl who passed away during the construction?


kinkinsoba said...

I wish the Doraemon museum was open so you could've gone in and checked it out. Doraemon is one of my favorite shows when I was a kid.