Studio Ghibli Art Musuem

(Updated: July 13, 2013 with high resolution photos)

On June 29, 2006, my friends and I visited the Ghibli Museum. The museum (aka. Mitaka's Forest Ghibli Art Museum) is located in the suburbs of Tokyo. It is about 15 minutes by train on the JR Chuo Line (aka "Suicide Line", the line alignment is almost totally straight) from Shinjuku Station.

Unfortunately, you are NOT allowed to take pictures inside the museum, only outside, so that is what I have.

Also you can't just show up and buy tickets at the museum, if you are in Japan, you need to buy your tickets in advance from a Lawsons convenience store using their electronic ticket machine. If visiting from overseas you could either buy them from overseas (check official website) or if you know Japanese or some Japanese or if you are able to copy the name of the Ghibli Museum onto a piece of paper, you could go to the Lawsons convenience store and ask a clerk (using a lot of hand gestures?) that you want tickets to this museum. But be warned, the museum is kind of popular and may be fully booked a week in advance.


And here is a map to show where it is located relative to the train station. Although there is a public bus that connects the station to the museum, it is infrequent, and if you are going in a party of more than 2, a taxi is more economical and faster. Leaving the museum, if you follow the diagonal road, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to walk back.

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Now I don't normally do a "V-pose" that is popular among all Japanese when having their photos taken, but since we were at the Studio Ghibli Art Museum, why not?!


While you are inside the museum, you get to see an exclusive Studio Ghibli short film (which doesn't make ANY sense at all...for you hardcore Ghibli fans...even *you* won't get it...maybe they changed the selected feature now...). Here are pictures of the tickets, you need to keep the ticket with the film cutout in order to enter the theatre inside the museum.


The layout of the museum, it will probably take you 2 hours to go through it.



Kin said...

I always wanted to go to the museum sadly when I went to Japan I didn't get the chance to. Studio Ghibili has to be one of my favorite animation studios.