Tokyo Walking Pictorial: Imperial Palace, Hibiya, Government Areas

I started the walk from Tokyo Station and walked along the moat of the Imperial Palace towards the National Diet Building (Parliament), and ended in front of the Prime Minister's Residence.

Inside the Tokyo International Forum. This building is one of the rare non-blocky buildings in Tokyo.

The view of the Shinkansen platforms of Tokyo Station.

From one side of the giant moat of the Imperial Palace looking towards the financial district.

One of the bridges leading towards the public areas of the Imperial Palace.

Sakura-da Gate:

View towards the National Diet Building:

The moat of the palace is actually pretty wide:

The Ministry of Justice Building

Close up of the Diet building. Even though Japan is a free country, you can't walk up to the front gate of the building unlike in other countries. The front lawn/courtyard is fenced off.

The Prime Minister's Residence.


Verena said...

I looked at some of my own pictures of the Imperial Gardens today. Can't believe it's already one year that I've been there... And it was so quiet...
And the kokkai! It always reminds me of some Inka pyramid in South America *g* Inside, it's more like a palace, though: thick carpets and a lot of wood an lace...
Greetings from Germany!