Hong Kong Part 1

There was a typhoon on the days these pictures were taken so thats why they are so grey looking.

Your typical HK street scene:

From the "Avenue of Stars":

Night Skyline from Tsim Sha Tsui side:

Flag Raising Ceremony outside HK Convention Centre:

HK Skyline:

McDonalds Breakfast in HK, the soup macaroni thing:

Dried Seafood Street:

Double Decker Tram:


HK Island from IFC 2:


kinkinsoba said...

I still remember when I went to HK last year. The food was great and so many things to do. It really is one of my most memorable trips, I hope you had as much fun as I.

Anonymous said...

hey it's Hong Kong. Brings back memories of the time when I used to live there. Sort of vague though, although the markets are just like how I remembered them, =D