Aug. 4, 06: The "Long Road" to Kunming: A Trip Report

The is the first day on our 5 day tour of Yunnan province, we joined a tour group in Hong Kong.

Where Kunming is, relative to the major cities of China, the capital of Yunnan Province.

The road to the Hong Kong airport, there was a typhoon the other day...

The container ports to left probably ships all your "Made in China" mechandise all over the world.

Tsing Ma Bridge, 6th longest suspension bridge in the world and the longest road and rail combined bridge, the railway is on the lower deck.

The Ting Kau Bridge.

The road to the airport:

Chaos at the airport due to a typhoon the previous day, lots of people were stuck in the airport, which meant massive delays, the unfortunate ones had to sleep at the airport.

The boarding pass.

More chaos. Our flight did not have an assigned gate for hours, so we had to wait for hours not knowing where our gate was.

Finally boarding the plane.

First time I had seen ads inside an airplane, on the seat... Once we boarded the plane, more waiting *inside* the plane, as the flight attendants served us tea, I think we waited on the plane for a couple of hours for other passengers to arrive...

The "happiest (small) place on Earth" in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland, click on the picture for the full size picture, you can see Space Mountain.

Airline food: China style.

The approach to Kunming airport.

On the tarmac.

Some monument "thingy" near the airport. Because our flight was delayed for so many hours, by the time we arrived, all we did was go to dinner and go back to the hotel. It was interesting that I saw a Wal-Mart right in front of the convention center where we ate dinner.


kinkinsoba said...

Sorry to hear about airport complications, I never had such trouble, but it no one can control weather. The airplane food looks gross.