Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics Countdown Clock

Here are some pictures of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics countdown clock that I took in February but was too lazy to do anything until now.

Interesting fact: Because there are so many hoodlums (aka. crazy special interest groups, "anti-poverty group") here that oppose the games, this is the only Olympic countdown clock that requires a security guard to be present 24 hours a day. Despite that, it was still vandalized a couple of weeks ago...

The clock is located in a square in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery, which was once a former courthouse.

From left to right: The Hotel Georgia, Pacific Centre (shopping mall), black building is the TD Canada Trust building:

From the sidestreet of the Vancouver Art Gallery, the cylindrical tower is the One Wall Centre, the tallest building in Vancouver currently, a mix hotel and residential tower:

Taken from Cambie Bridge, the crossing leading to downtown, the "ball thing" is a (lousy...and small) science museum called "TELUS Science World", aka. "TELUSphere". Note: Telus is a telecom company, this is the only science museum I have heard of where they have a corporate sponsor for the name of the building...

The white bubbly thing is the BC Place Stadium, an approx. 60,000 seat stadium that is not in use most of the time, other than for football season and trade shows...

The cranes are where the Athletes Village for the Winter Olympics will be built:

A shot of all the downtown condos being built.

Reality: The average price of a new house in Vancouver is now $500,000+ CDN, unfordable to most people, pretty expensive considering that there is no strong industrial base or large companies such as Microsoft, Boeing etc. that Seattle has to provide good quality jobs...


kinkinsoba said...

Living in Vancouver is awesome for retirement, there is lots of nice parks everywhere. Not so good for starting businesses as rent is expensive. Even so, I like it.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Ernest,
I have checked you blog and it is so well-organized and beautifull.
when seeing those photos of Japan,
everything just came vividly to mind again.
Take care~~