Trip to Victoria, BC, last Labour Day Weekend (Sept. 2-4, 06)

These are some pictures from when I went to Victoria, BC (the provincial capital of the Province of British Columbia) with my cousins but was too lazy to post until now.

Map of the "Lower Mainland" of British Columbia, Victoria is about an hour ferry ride from Vancouver.

There isn't that much to see in Victoria, a day trip would be enough, but we stayed overnight...a big mistake because there was not much to do after seeing the couple of attractions.

The entrance to the Parliament Buildings, people are queuing up for the free tour.

A view of the Parliament Buildings from far away with the statue of Queen Victoria, guess who the city was named after?

A view of the Empress Hotel from the lawn of the Parliament Buildings, I have read that Victoria is the most "English" city in Canada, thats only true near the downtown area, once you get out, it looks like every other city in North America.

Inside the Parliament Buildings, the Coat of Arms for BC:

The dome:

The stained glass to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of the Queen:

From the Inner Harbour:

"Old School" Chinatown:

Shop signs from a different era:

Wow, "Almond Chicken", I haven't eaten that stuff for a long time...

A school from a different time:

At night:

The motel which we stayed in, expensive and there wasn't even any air-conditioning!

Conclusion of Victoria, day trip: OK, overnight stay: too boring, nothing else to see.


makam said...

Ther is more to Victoria than the inner harbour and china town, A walk down Douglas would of brought you to Beacon Hill park and the petting zoo and on to Dalla road which has a spectacular view of the olymic mts.A trip through James bay affords you a look into the past as the area is full of 1900 arts and crafts houses. On the outskirts of the city there is Elk and Beaver lake where you can swim or rent canoes for the afternoon. There is alway evening entertainment in the inner harbour where you can watch the street entertainers. During the summer months most of the squares has events, and for the young and young at heart there is many night clubs and bars. I'm sorry you missed so much of this beautiful city