Going to the Pokemon Center in Tokyo and Buying a Game Boy micro

(Updated: June 4, 2013 with high resolution photos)

Note: As of 2013, the Pokemon Center in Tokyo is located near Hamamatsu station on the JR Yamanote Line, not near Tokyo station which this store was located near

After school today we went to the Pokemon Center to pick up the reserved “Pokemon Edition” Game Boy micro. As you can see from the pictures the store is a disappointment, its full of overpriced merchandise. Afterwards I went to Akihabara to try to get an electronic dictionary (電子辞書) the Canon Wordtank V80 for 24,000 yen normal price was 56,000 yen when it was released 1 year ago but the store did not have it in stock. After walking around I found “F-Zero GP Legend” for only 680 yen so I bought that because its so cheap.


Another picture of the store.


The Game Boy micro that I purchased.



Kinkinsoba b(ª±ª)b said...

It's a shocker that the Pokémon (heh! check that "e" out with the accent and all!) store would be so uncrowded! I would've thought it would be more you know... filled with hyper kids who wanted everything pokémon.

I know I would be one of those...

Great pics, and great deals!
Try finding some of those deals here? It's pretty much impossible.

kinkinsoba (-_-); forgot! said...

That is a sweet GBMicro you have there, I know mine certainly gave life back to my GBA games.

So if I remember correctly, you have 3 GBAs now not including your DS. You are catching up to me!

Anonymous said...

I am too lazy to sign up, so I will post this message under anonymous, =)

Don't you already have a GBA, GBA SP already? now another GBA micro?! Wow, you sure a big fan of Nintendo. Go Sony!! Go PSP!! lol