School Festival

Today was the start of the school festival, that’s why we get 1 week off of school! The students who are studying the different languages put up food stands for the country that they are studying for. The food was pretty expensive, 350 yen for a kebab stick (and it didn’t taste that good either) 150 yen for 小龍包, 3 of them and the other thing I tried was a Portuguese sausage for 200 yen. Also there were performances by students in the languages which they were studying.

Pictures from School Festival


kinkinsoba \m/(-_-)\m/ honorably said...

Great to see some pics that no one other than people in Japan really see. I've only seen school festivals in anime, but never in real life!

Great pics that show us more of the Japanese culture! I wish we had stuff like this, not just stupid barbeques!